Acne Scarring

Our clinic is the premiere center to help patients solve both acute pimple issues and deal with scarring. With advanced technologies and highly trained professionals, Baldone and Reina Dermatology can help pave the way to clear skin and prevent future breakouts.

We can customize a multi-faceted approach that will lead to short-term relief as well as permanent results. To learn more about our acne treatment, call our office at (985) 892-3376 today.

Our Acne Treatments

  • Clear existing pimple blemishes and inflammation.
  • Resurface acne scars and discoloration.
  • Prevent future breakouts.
  • Enhance the overall health and beauty of your skin. Everyone deserves to feel confident about their appearance. No matter what is going on in your life, it doesn’t need to show on your skin.

Treatments Offered:

Fotona Frac 3

Fractional laser


Chemical peels


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