Freckles, Birth Marks and Port Stains

If you’ve been living with unsightly or embarrassing marks or pigmentation, such as freckles, birthmarks, or port wine stains, the solution you’ve been looking for is available at Baldone Reina Dermatology! Now unwanted marks can be erased or significantly reduced with little to no downtime necessary thanks to the cutting-edge laser dermatology treatments available at our office. 

Understanding Birthmarks and Other Marks

While freckles, birthmarks, port wine stains, and other types of pigmentation are natural occurrences, unsightly marks on the face, arms, or body can be distracting or even detract from one’s beauty. At Baldone Reina, we can provide the best treatment options available to get rid of dermal and epidermal pigmentations regardless of skin tone or type. Common types of birthmarks fall under the following two categories:

Vascular marks: Port wine stains, salmon patches, and hemangiomas are made of blood vessels that have been damaged or did not form correctly, causing a red appearance to the skin.

Pigmented marks: Freckles, cafe au lait spots, Mongolian spots, moles, and melasma are caused by an overproduction of pigmentation, whether at birth or due to hormonal changes, that range in color from tan to black.

Reliable Treatment Options for Pigmentation

When determining which treatment option is best suited to a particular patient’s skin concerns, our dermatologists determine the following:

  • Where the pigmentation is located
  • Type and size of pigmentation
  • How deep the pigmentation is on the skin
  • How long the mark has existed

It is important to note that there are countless birthmark and pigmentation removal treatments on the market, but unless recommended or administered by a professional dermatologist, can have negative side effects and cause adverse reactions. At Baldone Reina, we take our patients’ health seriously and provide only the safest laser skin treatment available for reducing or eliminating unwanted pigmentation.


  • Excel V laser
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If you are tired of trying to hide unattractive skin discoloration, the laser therapy treatments available at Baldone Reina Dermatology are an ideal option for achieving a long-term solution. If you are ready to get clear, radiant skin without obvious side effects, please do not hesitate to contact Baldone Reina for more information and to discuss which treatment option is the best for you.